Once Upon A Time, Part II

OK, here is how this all shakes out.

In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth.  He made all things in the span of six, regular 24 hour days, and on the first day of the very first week ever, the beginning, time began.

So in six days God created light and darkness, the heavens, the earth and seas, the sun, the moon, and the stars of the universe.

He covered the earth with grass, herbs and trees, and He made the fish in the seas, the birds of the air, land animals, and finally, man, in the image and likeness of God.

All things were created or made adult so that they could reproduce after their kind and fill the whole earth.

The first man, Adam was created an adult with the ability to speak, write and read.  The language God gave him was Hebrew.

Next, God placed Adam in a special, beautiful paradise He called ‘the Garden of Eden.  Adam named all the animals God brought to him, but he had no one to help him.  So God put Adam to sleep and took one of his ribs and made a woman who became Eve.

It wasn’t long before one of the created beings of the highest order, a mighty cherub named Lucifer, came down to Eden to try and turn the man and the woman against God y disobeying His command to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil!

So he used his power of deception by entering a serpent who was beautiful to gaze upon and who moved in an upright position.

And thus attacked Eve by telling a lie, that she would not die if she ate of the fruit of the tree God had commanded not to eat of.

Adam followed Eve and they were forced out of the Garden by God to live off the land on their own.

They had children, the first was Cain, the second was Abel, and other sons and daughters.  Over time, Cain grew jealous of Abel and killed him.  Now God forced Cain and his wife even further east to a land called Nod.  Here Cain had a son he called Enoch and built the very first city in history, and named it Enoch.

Cain had many more sons and daughters and they began to multiply and fill the region.

I recon all this tool place within 130 years from Creation, because when Adam was 130 years old, Eve bore him another son whom they named Seth.

From these sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters, and each generation multiplying following over the course of over a thousand years from Creation, the  earth became full of millions of people, and their daughters were very beautiful.

But Satan wasn’t content by what he did to Adam and Eve and Cain. No. he wanted more blood, more corruption, more evil in the hearts and minds of the people who now populated the earth, and so draw them away from God unto himself and thus their very souls.

So he released his fallen angels to appear as men and mate with human women to produce an ungodly offspring of fallen ones who now practiced evil and wickedness 24-7!

Satan had  succeeded in corrupting almost all of the population with the exception of just eight people: a righteous man of God named Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives.

And God saw the wickedness and evil in their hearts continually, day and night, of the very worst things people could do.  God would not put up with this much longer…therefore He would bring upon the whole earth a flood that would destroy every living thing on the earth…and he determined it would come in 120 years from that point forward.

He commanded Noah to build an Ark, a very large boat according to His exact specifications… .

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