Once Upon A Time, Part III

How blessed to know and understand God’s holy words of the Holy Bible!   Sadly, Satan and his multitude of fallen angels, spirit beings who are demons and who greatly influence the minds of men into believing and promoting lies, have succeeded!  No wonder there is so much confusion and interpretation when it comes to God’s word!

I believe that when God created the Earth and the sea, it most probably was one great  land mass surrounded by water on all sides, and there was a vast inland sea that would become the Mediterranean Sea after the world-wide Flood of Noah’s time in Genesis 6.  This great land mass, know as “Pangaea,” was composed of all the land that we know today as the seven continents that at Creation were messed together as one, if you can imagine that?  And it is hard not to imagine that the sea, the land, and the air would have been populated in abundance because God commanded the creatures He had made to be fruitful and multiple and fill the whole earth-including mankind!  If this were not so, why do we find so many fossils of plants and animals all over the world? And I suppose if it were possible to dig large areas through the ice of Antarctica, we would also find many, many fossils, too.  From Adam and Eve’s children and their children and their children, generation after generation having children and moving all over the earth (they didn’t necessarily need boats), why in the 1600 years that would pass to the time of the Flood, why, you would have had a world population of tens of millions of people!  And, please note, like any other animal, there were dinosaurs all over the place!  Contrary to popular belief, the FLOOD destroyed everything living on the face of the earth-everything, including dinosaurs!

And God caused the power of the waters to separate the land mass into seven continents we have today!

When God removed all the water that had flooded the whole earth, and the earth was dry and He brought forth grass and herbs and tees, and new streams and rivers and lakes, and He brought clouds in the sky for rain and a rainbow as a sign that the earth would never again be destroyed by water…only then could Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives, and all the animals that were on the Ark and descend the slopes of the lesser mountains west of Mt. Ararat into the valleys below and begin a new life on a new earth.  After all, Noah and his family and all the animals that had been on the Ark could not have descended the high, snow-covered, icy slopes of the mountain.  no, that would have been too hard, too dangerous to be sure.  GOD knows what he’s doing; He made it so that they would e successful in starting over on a new earth.

Sons and daughters were born to Shem, Ham and Japheth…so that within a hundred or more years after leaving the Ark, the population swelled from the sons and daughters of them. And after 4-5 generations they numbered in the thousands and they lived separated from each other according to the tribes of Shem and Ham and Japheth, their fathers. It was time now to follow small rivers to a larger one that flowed south, the great Euphrates, as scouts had told them of warmer and more fertile valleys to the south.  Hadn’t God had told Noah and his sons to go and multiply and repopulate the earth?

Within this timeframe, many thousands of these people of many generations followed the Euphrates River south to the fertile land of Shinar.  They were one people of one  language at this time, and that language was Hebrew.  This was the very first language of Creation, the language God gave to Adam and Eve, the same language the sons and daughters of hundreds of generations that followed up to the time of the great World-wide Flood also spoke.  It was the language of Noah and his wife, their three sons and their wives, before and after the Flood.  It was the same language of all the generations od sons and daughters of Shem, Ham and Japheth as they now settled along the east bank of the Euphrates River in the land of Shinar.

Disregarding God’s command, and led by one of their leaders, the fierce Nimrod, they decided to stay!  There they began to build from bricks, Babylon, the first city of the post-Flood world.  And wanting to make a great name for themselves they began to build a great tower which would reach up into the heaven: the Tower of Babel!

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