In the year of our Lord, 635, Aiden arrived from Iona in Northumbria at Bamburgh and set up a monastery on the island of Lindisfarne.  On this island given to him by King Oswald, called Inis Metcaud, “Island of the strong winds” Aidan had sought his desert in the ocean.  Over the years it grew as a school where the truth of Christ was preached on the mainland.  In one of the small cells in the monastery sat a monk at his table, a candle his only light, hunched over a scroll and writing down his thoughts, year after year.  How far and wide these letters traveled no one knows.  But he wrote as an unknown writer with the fervent hope his words would take seed somewhere, somehow, to someone.  And for that moment to happen, so he lived!

Approaching now my late 60’s, I have walked of late a long, hard road.  I have seen things, and learned things that have astounded me.  I have survived some pretty tough times that, except my faith, I just don’t know.  And I have been given the light of truth to see clearly the truth, things that often go against the grain of tradition and history; things that in this time of human history challenge the very shaky , fragile foundation of man made beliefs.  It is hard and unpopular to go against the mighty stream, but too bad. Like it or not, I will write of things you probably have never heard before, for I have learned from giants, men contemporary to me, men who have gone on before.  They have made me dig deeper, look in many places at many sources, and, above all, go back in time to our ancient Judeo-Christian roots.  Lastly, to discover the truth one need look only to the Source, and yet, in may be said, that in the writings of the annals of man, truth lies between the pages of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am retired and live in a small town in Maryland with my wife.  We raised two wonderful children, and they met two wonderful mates.  We are blessed with seven wonderful grandchildren.  I am an expert gardener, a hopeful cook, a decent researcher, a sometime writer, a student of history and the Holy Bible, and, at the heart and soul of my passion, a teacher.  Sometimes, when I am feeling a bit “fired up,” I refer to myself as the old coach!  I have humbly attained to the highest level of education, but now realize that the greatest quest one can truly obtain in a lifetime is the study of God, and this a journey that never ends.

3 Responses to About

  1. Frankie Rose says:

    Powerful thoughts today, Dr. Ivan. The Messiah will need reading again and again. Such rich words
    from God’s word entertwined in thought and meaning. Thank you so much for putting these together in such an interesting way. You have an avid fan. Frankie

  2. F.Rose says:

    Deep and thoughtful as always, Dr. I
    Interesting ideas for mulling over.

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