OK, let’s set the record straight. Killing is killing, however you think you can sugar-coat it. Study any of the ancient pagan cultures, and you will find them offering human sacrifice to appease their gods! These demon worshipping people didn’t know who or what they were worshipping but gave it the blood they demanded. Even some of the Jewish kings offered their babies to be burned in the fire the fire when they turned away from the true and living God to worship the gods of their enemies! Well, the culture of death is still with us today, sure, a different version, but the act is the same, the source is the same, but in much, much greater numbers.

What? Aborting a human fetus, a human being developing in the womb before it is born is taking a life. It is legalized killing, murder wrapped in user friendly language to sooth the conscience-the very soul of the woman having it done, and the soul of the one doing it!
And somehow it’s easier; somehow it’s O.K. You both, in my book, are abortions! People fight, no demand this right to choose this act, and march in frenzied ranks with lots of posters. People use strong talk and tricky words to sway legalization so it won’t seem so despicable.

As of 2015, what’s the number up to since this kind of murder was legalized? Billions? Those are human beings we are talking about. You give more concern to a tree or a pet than to this little person growing inside you! What are the reasons? Are some justified? Perhaps, perhaps not. How do you arrive at this decision, and how do you feel afterwards? How did the mother feel throwing her baby in the blazing fire? What of the screams of the baby being burned to death? What of the silent screams of the unborn fetus?

Lord Jesus, I pray for the precious souls of those conceived but never born. May they rest in your ever loving arms in heaven in the eternal light of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We shall see them one day.


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