As Is Like the kings of Israel

From where have you come?

From the region thou hast assigned to me.

What then? Will they follow your teaching?

How? I know you were the constant force in their hear-even indwelt them that never would believe in their God…
Your tactics of getting them to marry the daughters of their enemies…that they might gain them with favors…and at just the right moment, and constantly using what they use so well, would bring them about to worship us through stone and wooded gods made by their hands after we revealed ourselves to scare them out of their wits, and in trembling as to what they saw, would twist up the pressure so that the god they worship, the god of the unbelievers would hold back rain and food unless they did something bloody to appease me!

What did you do?

I demanded a human sacrifice again and again, even their little babies! And they did it with certain kings doing by example.


But that was then, and this is now! What will you do, which we started to the modern, civilized man who does not believe that we exist. Or even know of our power-they dismiss it out of hand!

What then?

Why, I whisper in their ear, and blend right in to their man-man theories of life beginning in the mud, and their idea of evolving from animals, and life doesn’t really matter, but survival of the fittest! And tie that in with the problems in life and the solution of aborting a growing little person in the womb can be discarded out of necessity! And then get the laws to legalize, thru continued pressure and before you know it, they think they are on a crusade of righteousness, and helping in their plight!

You call those who advocate this kind of giving to the god of this age, abortion, right?

Yes, and those who are in steep are an abortion in themselves, and unyielding, as good followers, without even knowing it, because they are to big to believe.

How many?

Almost a billion souls lost…but not sure…many, many have gone on to be with our arch-enemy….but we have most of the leaders right in our pocket!

Good job, my captain!

Keep up the good work!
.; the d,

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