Thank You, Lord

On vacation somewhere in Maryland…

You know, Lord, as I look out through the trees to your magnificent colors of a grey and blue sky with the sun setting its beams of light upon it now just before the dark of a late November descends…well LORD, I CAN ONLY PRAISE THE WONDERS OF YOUR CREATION AND GIVE YOU MY ETERNAL THANKS…AND NOW AS IWATCH BEFORE MY VERY EYES, THE SKY HAS TURNED A GLORIOUS RED AND PINK, THE TREES NOW DARK AGAINST THIS AWESOME, MAJESTIC SKY MIRROWING HEAVEN ITSELF!

How do I give you the thanks and praise for a million blessings such as these…and all the blessings you have given me and my family…what return can I give unto the Lord, for all the good He has done for me?

I will take the blessed cup of thanksgiving and I will call upon the name of the Lord, my Rock and my Salvation!

There is evil, and wickedness and death and decay in the world, ugly, perverted ungodly acts of the dark heart of mankind, the culture of death seems to hold sway over everything…right?

Wrong! For the mercies and love and guiding hand of God in His grace upon mankind thru the Son of God, the living Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, is raised from the read now in heaven with the Father. His blessings are exceedingly greater than the darkness of the enemy…now and always, for we shall never die but live with Him forever…

How great and marvelous the wonders acts of God from Creation to now…we shall sing His praises and bless His name forever and ever…

I hope and pray that this day of Thanks-giving shall be a day of eternal thanks from the heart that shall reach up to heaven and fill the altar of God’s throne…

Blessed is the one who blesses God in true thanksgiving.



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