Just So You Know?

It’s me, Brother Monk. After I write I will roll it up, put it inside a bottle, seal it and throw it as far as I can out into the sea!

Today, in the year of our Lord+April 5th, 2020, we celebrate Palm Sunday Jesus Christ was proclaimed King as he rode on the back of a donkey through the streets of Jerusalem upon which were thrown ‘palm leaves.’ And it is this Sunday we proclaim as “Palm Sunday” in remembrance and celebration of the beginning day of that week that Christ went to the cross of crucifixion to die for the sins of the world!

Yet amidst this time of darkness and evil the innocent ‘Lamb of God’ the Light of the world overcame death and gave us forgiveness and eternal life with Him. Amidst this season of the deadly coronavirus that cast its ugly shadow and spreads darkness and death, there is light and hope, just like the glorious day the Lord God has given us today, so He will let this thing run its course and be no more.

He has given us the way to overcome. Faith in God has grown stronger; love of God has grown stronger; the Light shines brighter; and many thousands of people are coming to Christ Jesus as the Father draws them by the Holy Spirit.  Many of the. departed are now in heaven with God; sadly, many are not.

We will endure and be the stronger for it.

May God, the Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit keep you in His care now and forevermore.


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