In the land and throughout the world let us not miss the opportunity to I preach, “Jesus Is Coming!”  For as certain as the sun comes up every day, so is the certainty of His coming again.  No question about it; He must come, He will come for His words of truth and life plainly tell us that in the Holy Bible.  Search the Scriptures and you will find the precious doctrine in the New Testament.  He is coming for His church, His true believers before He comes to reign in His kingdom on earth.

I am not going to take time to quote the Bible here, you can do that for yourself; only believe and you will surely be blessed.

Today, as in the past 20 centuries, God is calling people everywhere to His Son by His Holy Spirit…all that the Father draws will come to Me, and I shall give them life.  Only by Christ is there forgiveness of sin and eternal life with GOD…there is no other way!

In this life, when we die, and we all have to die someday, GOD is taking us one by one…some to Heaven (believers in Christ Jesus), some to hell (unbelievers).  And at the moment of death, the immortal soul (spirit) leaves the body and either immediately goes up to Heaven to be with the Lord, or goes down to hell (Sheol, hades) with all the other unbelievers of all time.  One day the resurrection will occur: those who were buried and sleep in Christ will rise at the Rapture and the living believers will be translated into new, glorified, immortal bodies and go up to Heaven; the rest (unbelievers) will not be resurrected until after the 1,000 year rule of Christ  on earth at the Great White Throne Judgment.  And after that they will spend eternity separated from GOD in the Lake of Fire.

So first we die one by one by one; later resurrected in two uncountable groups: those of the Rapture who are Christ’s at His coming, and those who are not Christ’s after the seven-year Tribulation, after His second coming to set up His Kingdom and reign ’till  a thousand years have passed, after Satan is thrown into the Lake of Fire, then will this second group, the unbelievers be resurrected to face Christ in judgment.  They will join Satan and his son, Antichrist and the False Prophet and all the billions of others.

And so, that’s why we must proclaim the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the One and only One who is Coming Again!

Wake up, wake up, wake up, and believe, because JESUS IS COMING!

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,






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