Can We Remember?

In this busy, fast-paced life, can we remember? This is a most joyous time of the year when, over two thousand years ago, Bible prophecy was fulfilled when God became man and was born of the Virgin Mary, in the village of Bethlehem of Judea. This was according to the Father’s timetable that this Jesus is fully man and fully God, the only begotten of the Father. He, Jesus came to earth to save us from our sins, and that, in Him we might have eternal life. This was done at the exact moment of God’s time table, “in the fullness of time” that He accomplished it.

Let our hearts gaze upon this little, precious baby, poor, and lying in a stable’s manger. Let us praise God for this incredible miracle at this birth that only God could accomplish. Let our hearts radiate with the warmth and light of Christ in the world, calling us to Him. That’s what Christmas is, a very special time when we give ourselves to God for His most blessed and holy miracle; when we give to others, when we help others, always thanking God through Jesus Christ for all things. It should be a season of peace when the Prince of Peace was born. It should be a time of wanting to know the truth, a time of great reflection, a time of heart-felt thought, a time of realizing our mortality as we look at this little baby who will one day rule the world.

And then it is a time when we look to the future and ponder on what our destiny shall be? When we die, then what? What happens to our soul, our body, me, when I die? Where and with Whom will we spend eternity? HAS JESUS NOT ALREADY TAKEN CARE OF THAT SO THAT WE SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID NOR BE ANXIOUS FOR THE FUTURE, FOR WHAT DO THE SCCRIPTURE’S SAY? FOR WHOSOEVER SHALL CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORTD SHALL BE SAVED! HE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This Jesus is the only way to salvation. This Jesus died for our sins, that believing in Him we will have eternal life with Him. He was resurrected from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God the Father in Heaven. One day He will come for His people.

And so we pray by the Holy Spirit, through the Son, to the Father for His blessings, mercy and love as He guides us to fulfillment in Him.

Can we remember and celebrate this wonderful miracle of Christ, the Messiah’s birth-that being the main reason for this most special Advent and Christmas season now today in the 21st Century, some 2,021 years ago when “the Seed of the Woman” was born…this little baby who is named JESUS.

Can we remember?

May the light of Christ Jesus glow in your hearts this Christ-mas season…may that light be as a candle that glows in the dark to lighten the world. May many today come to the saving knowledge of Jesus, December 2014.


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