Jesus-beyond words

I still say that the Lord has sped up the time we live in…who is not saying where did the past month go? This, I believe, is quickly moving to the events the LORD has told us will soon take place! The things that will take place follow an order the LORD God put in place at the very creation when He spoke the words: “Let there be.” And before any human being can think it, even faster than a thought, poof! AND THERE IT WAS! Sequential, chronological, in God’s perfect order of events in the first week of Creation, seven 24 hour days!

I was just looking at the trees in the woods…how many different trees were there? Then, how many different trees are there in the world? Can’t count them, can we? And all these millions and millions of different trees were created adult, with its own seed, and so that the seed drops to the ground and in the spring, it sprouts up! All this by the word of God. And that was on the third day. He did not create everything at once, but in a sequential, chronological order.

That’s how GOD works, and that’s how He, the Lord Jesus has worked in my healing and recovery from two back surgeries, and some serious setbacks! Little, by little, stronger and stronger, right leg starting to work again, sequentially, not all at once. And realizing just how much I have missed our ministry, and the very time he would have me ordained a priest in the Anglican church…the precious, holy ministry the Lord Jesus gave me…three years in the making…not counting my studies toward masters and doctorate degrees all to the blessed ministry of writing, teaching, and Holy Communion.

Prophecy is for today, for the age in which we live, the Church Aga, the Age of Grace…going on 21 centuries…almost 2,000 years…not the foretelling that the prophets of the Old Testament did, but truthful, powerful insights into future events the Lord has written in the New Testament, events yet to take place…you can know your future…and know that these future world events spoken, for example in Thessalonians and the Revelation, and as true to God’s Plan of the Ages, they will happen in a sequential, chronological order that the Lord Jesus will execute from Heaven. Just wait and see. We are born and die in a time and order of God.

All this in the mind of God…He saw all people, in all places, in a distinct time or age, doing what He already planned according to His mighty will…even those that followed a different will in the world, directly opposite God’s will…and the invisible battle rages for the souls of men…to whom will you worship…and just what do you believe? All or some, just a little? couldn’t be…not sure…heaven hell, saved, unsaved, all saved, the Holy, blessed Trinity, the Devil, Satan and his host of billions of fallen angels or demons, the Lamb of God, Jesus: God or man or God-Man? The Rapture, the Great Tribulation, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, the Second Coming, the Millennial Kingdom, the judgment of the unsaved, the new heavens and earth, the New Jerusalem, eternity with God, or without? You can know the future, not when they will occur, but that they will occur! In order, one by one by one…in Jesus Christ, Messiah, Him, our Savior…beyond words.

Blessed be His holy words of the Bible…blessed be His holy name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit forever and ever and ever…


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