In Praise of Him

I awoke praising GOD, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit for a new day in His creation. Even though dark rain clouds blocked the morning sunshine, I see the a part of the countless variety of trees and the thing God created them to do, to bloom with a showering of bright leaves unfolding in the Spring season, and in the Fall, sheds its leaves in a brilliant display of God’s colors that are indescribable, but bring warmth and joy to the heart. And, in HIS INFINITE PLAN as He created everything as adult, the trees drop their seeds to the ground where the root and grow into adult trees over the years. This same seed may also be carried by the wind to a different location, or, one of God’s creations, the birds, can carry the seed for miles and miles away.

Praise GOD for His spoken word, and what he created was instant and in the thousands of varieties of plants, for example, on the third day of HIS creation, that first He saw everything in creation and history happen before it happened! We cannot understand it because He is GOD. All will come to pass as HE planned it and saw it before HE CREATED it. Nothing is by chance or accident, that is the tactic of Satan to trick men into thinking it is their own idea. Those ideas or theories about how the earth came into being, and how life began on the earth are dead, because they go against GOD.

GOD created out of nothing, not chaos; everything HE created was good, very good. He even created all the angels and cherubs who sang for joy at God’s creation, and the heaven and earth all declare His powerful and almighty glory. But, as GOD planned IT TO HAPPEN, HE now had a “rival” in the world of Adam and Eve in the paradise of the Garden of Eden! A mighty, fallen cherub, and a third of the angels of heaven followed to the sky above the earth, for they were and are spirit beings with great power to come down to the earth and mess with mankind. Up to this time, there was only one will in the world, and that was of God. Now, there were two wills in the world, one of GOD, and one of Satan. And so the battles of the ages began as to who’s will man would listen to and obey. It was the battle for the souls of men. GOD ALREADY KNOWS THE BEGINNING FROM THE END He knows those who are His, and those who are Satan’s; those who will live with him in glory; those who will live in darkness and damnation with Satan, his son, and the false prophet!

So let us praise God for His wonderful creation and us. Let us pray without ceasing by saying the name of Jesus and remembering all He has done for us who believe, and all He will do one day soon. Let us pray and sing the psalms and the hymns that give Him the glory and Praise and thanks, and blessings. Let us always bless HIS HOLY NAME, O, BLESSED AND HOLY TRINITY, O FATHER, AND SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT, GOD IN THREE PERSONS, BLESSED TRINITY.

Blessed be the Lord God forever; bless be my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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