The Next Great Event in History

   There are several raps on the door of his cell.  It is a small dark room with only a table, chair, and bed; the only light is a candle. 


   Ah, brother monk, thou who prays and works without ceasing!  Thou, whose steps are as yet unknown, who have asked to see me?

   Father, I seek your advice.


   My letters have gone far and wide, and I do not crave a reply.

   What then?

   It is on my heart.  I must tell my brothers and sisters in Christ where we are today…what the next event the Scriptures tell us must certainly happen next!

   How do you mean?

   My heart and soul longs to tell them things I have discovered that the church today does not teach. 

  I see.  You would tell them a chronology then, a starting point of the faith?

   Yes, your holiness, and more.  I desire to tell them before it’s too late the next great event to occur in world history as our Lord and Savior, Jesus taught, and the apostles, too.  I would tell them what the Holy Bible says of this event…it’s right there, if only they would believe!  I believe they ought to know.

   Then, my son, you have my blessings.  May the Good Lord bless you and guide you in your work, through His Holy Spirit, brother monk. 

     The Doctrine of the Rapture of the Church

   In the year of our Lord 33, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God died on the cross for our sins, then rose from the dead on the third day.  He ascended into heaven, where He is today, with the Father.  And He promised that one day He will come again for His church, those who truly believe all that is written of Him. 

   The Holy Bible tells us Messiah-the Christ will come two times: the first has already been fulfilled as written; the second awaits future fulfillment, also as written.  When He comes the second time, it will be as the warrior King, in great power and glory, followed by His armies of resurrected saints and the angels of heaven.  When He comes, He shall establish His Kingdom at Jerusalem and He shall reign over the whole earth for a thousand years!  Those on the earth at this time shall see many, many signs and events that must take place before the Second Coming. 

   But the event I speak of here, the next great event in history has no signals, no signs or events that must be accomplished before it can take place!  No, the event I speak of is “imminent,” that is, it could take place at any moment, without warning. 

   It is known in the New Testament as the “rapture.”  We get the word “rapture” from the Greek word, “harpazo,” and from the Latin, “rapturo.”  It means this: “to be caught up suddenly; to snatch up with great force,” something only God can do.

   Now the word “rapture” is not found in the Holy Bible, but neither is “trinity,” “fall of man,” “depravity,” etc., but the truth, the doctrine, the teaching is there. 

   The “rapture” is not and never was to be confused with the Second Coming of Christ!  When we speak of the Second Coming, we mean that the glorified Lord Jesus will come back to the earth, and set His foot on the earth!  Whereas, at the rapture, Jesus will come out of heaven to the clouds above the earth and raise the dead first-those who believed in Him; then, all those who are Christ’s and alive at that time shall be changed to immortality, and immediately join Christ in the air with the resurrected ones, and follow Him back to heaven.

   The Rapture has not happened yet.  But it could happen at any time.  Perhaps today? 

  Part II of this writing will deal with the doctrine itself-the Scriptures that speak of the coming “rapture.”

  Alas, I must retire; the night grows long, my candle is spent, and there is no more ink for my quill.  I bid you a good night and fare thee well.  

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