And Now, MAY

The Church has a calendar of events celebrated throughout the year….and in the month of May comes the Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit. What does that mean for your life, Christian? Do you know that after Jesus was resurrected from the dead, 40 days later He was taken up to Heaven where He is today at the right hand of God, the Father? Then, at the feast of Pentecost, God sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in believers as the body of Christ, His Bride. And because we have the Hoy Spirit, Christ is in us, and we in Him.

As Christ arose, we shall also rise. Because He received a new, immortal, glorious body. so we shall also receive a new, immortal, glorious body just like His, one day, perhaps soon? Because He is in Heaven, one day when He calls and the last trumpet blasts, we will be gathered to Him and meet Him in the air above the clouds and follow Him to Heaven to the Father. Because He lives, we shall also live. Because He loves us He will rescue us from the confusion of the world. Because He loves us, He will make good on all the promises that yet await us in the near future. In love, He has shown us the future, the destiny of believers and unbelievers.

In His great love, He has reserved blessings to all who read and hold to the Book of Revelation. Jesus wanted us to know where we are in history, and also to know what’s coming next! He is certainly coming again, but there is an order of events that must happen before His return to earth….that glorious future time when all the peoples of the earth shall see Him riding on the clouds in great power and might, . as bright as the sun, KING JESUS and His armies that follow Him, riding on white horses! Can you imagine the sight? And everyone at this time, the saved (not the Church that was raptured before this) and unbelievers. the just and the unjust, the righteous and the unrighteous, all shall mourn when they see with their own eyes the return of Jesus! And the surviving Jewish people will believe as they look upon whom they pierced! And they too shall mourn. God will give them a new heart and they shall be His people and He shall be their God. All this shall happen at the end of a future seven year period known as the Tribulation.

Now the Holy Bible tells us that there is an order of events that shall unfold. It is important to place these events properly to get the “Big Picture.” First, the age we now live, the Church Age…the Age of Grace will end when the believing Church is Raptured into Heaven. Second, the “man of sin,” the Antichrist. the son of Satan will come on the scene after the church is removed. Third, the Tribulation starts when God shall pour out His wrath on an unbelieving earth. This period will last seven years. Fourth, Jesus Christ shall return to the earth (the 2nd Coming) and destroy His enemies and judge the survivors. He shall have Satan bound in the Pit for a thousand years. The Antichrist and the False Prophet who deceived the whole world, are cast into the “Lake of Fire” for eternity. Fifth, King Jesus shall renovate the earth, set up His Kingdom in Jerusalem and reign a thousand years on earth. Also during this time He will resurrect the Old Testament saints and the Tribulation saints who were murdered for their witness of Him. The Supper of our Lord will start at this time. Sixth, at the end of the thousand years, Satan will be released, gather a great army, and shall march on Jerusalem to destroy the Jews and their King. Fire will come out of Heaven and utterly destroy them, and Satan shall be cast alive into the Lake of Fire forever! Seventh, God shall set up the Great White Throne of Judgment and resurrect all the masses of unbelieving people from Adam forward; they shall face Jesus, be judged and be cast alive into the Lake of Fire for all eternity. Eighth, there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth and our eternal home with GOD, the New Jerusalem, shall come down out of Heaven. And so shall we ever be with the Lord.

So how is your understanding of the “Big Picture”? Just where do you stand?

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