Some Day

Because Jesus loves us so much, He is not going to leave us here to face the terrible, terrible times that are going to come upon the whole-wide world!

No, for the ones who believe in Him and love Him, both the living and the dead, He is going to “some day” do something truly great by His mighty power. He is going to raise the dead from their graves, changing them into immortal, glorified bodies just like His. And at the very same time, He’s going to change or translate all the living believers into immortal, glorified bodies just like His. Then, in that same instant, we will all rise together….be lifted up…be caught up and fly to meet the Lord Jesus ‘in the air above the clouds, and from that point high above the earth, we shall all follow Him to Heaven to the Father. All this will happen so fast the Bible tells us, “in the twinkling of an eye.” That’s faster than you can blink!

For we shall see the Lord Jesus ‘face to face,’ as He is, and we shall be like Him on that day, that most precious day the Lord God has planned for all who truly love Him.


Yes, it’s true! Only by the love of God. Only by the mercy of God. Only by the grace of God. Only by the the power of God. And only by the Plan of God He had in His heart before the foundation of the world. And this is the beautiful future of the matter: one day known only to the Father we shall be like Him; we shall live with Him; we shall be with Him forever, for we are and always will be “sons and daughters of God.”

Knowing this, and believing, doesn’t this warm your heart? Doesn’t this bring on a loving smile and cause a new joy, a stirring in your heart and look up, expecting the Lord Jesus to call us to Him any day now?

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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