Thoughts From the Heart

“Here we are, ” said Brother Monk, addressing a large group of Anglicans in the United States at the first annual Convocation of the Communion of the Anglican Church in Norh America.

“Here we are, you and I, standing at the end of events past, these turbulent months since Covid-19 struck this great country and the whole word, now, the end of September. With just a month and three days to go before the historic vote for the next President to guide us these next four years, I stand before you as a brother: a brother in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and as a brother across the sea, in which we share a common heritage, we English and Americans!”

“Just this past week we celebrated ‘The Return’ in Washington, D.C. as the call went out world-wide to return to Christ, to return to His holy, written word of life and truth and guidance and morality and history and yes, even prophecy about the ‘things to come’ even as we are seeing them today, and of the ‘things to come’ in the ‘latter days,’ the ‘end times,’ these future times known in the Holy Bible as the ‘Great Tribulation,’ spoken of by God Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ!

I believe God brought this dreaded virus upon us that people everywhere might seek forgiveness and repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! People are coming to the Lord, and I believe that the awesome event of ‘The Return’ was just one of the uncountable ways the Lord God is bringing people from every tongue, tribe, culture and nation to Him. Yet, will we see a revival?

I deplore violence under the guise of ‘peaceful protest!” “If this is not condemned by our leaders and citizens, then they either ‘don’t care,’ or ‘support it!” But we, the church, have said nothing! Are we afraid to speak out on what is righth and what is wrong? Has apathy and deception invaded our minds so as to paralyze us? Were that we had the spirit of boldness and action as our forefathers did during the years of the Revolutionary War in the America Colonies against Great Britain almost two and a half centuries ago!”

And I deplore the acceptance, the ‘business as usual’ attitude, the acceptance by the majority of Americans today, of the mass murder of the innocent unborn! They call it, ‘abortion,’ and it is legal as handed down by the Supreme Court!” Let me say that those who support this demonic blood lust have condemned themselves and have blood on their hands!’

“And where is the church in all this? Where are the leaders of our churches? Where are their voices? Who is standing up for the innocent unborn?”

“Let us pray: Almighty God, Father of all mercies, We pray for the souls of those conceived and never born. We pray they are in Heaven with You, and that we will see them someday. We pray for boldness and action! This we pray, O, Heavenly Father, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.”

What a loving and merciful and forgiving God we have! God, who gave His only begotten Son for us and the world: who shed His blood for us on the Cross, and that believing in His blood sacrifice, His death, His burial, His mighty resurrection from the dead on the Third Day, and His glorious ascension to Heaven to sit on the right hand of God, the Father Almighty, that He has forgiven us of our sins and has granted us eternal life with Him!”

“What a glorious, awesome, wonderful loving God we have for all the good He has done for us. A God who tells us that things we simply cannot understand now are called, ‘mysteries’! “

A magnificent GOD of all creation and everything! God, who in the beginning created the heaven and the earth! Who spoke the words, ‘Let there be,” and in an instant it was! Therefore, in just six, twenty-four days He created His home, Heaven, Light and Darkness, Day and Night, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the stars-the Universe! He made sea and land! He covered the earth with grass, and herbs and trees!” GOD, and God alone did this in less than a week!”

“Why, He even made all that swim in the seas; all that fly in the sky; and all that be upon the land! And His crowning glory was the creation of mankind in creating the very first man, Adam, and the very first woman, Eve, whom He created in His own image, after His likeness! God did this all in less than a week, not millions of years as the ‘man-made’ theory of evolution tells us!”

“Evolution, so fiercely defended and taught at every level in our schools, will try to tell you just the opposite of what God is telling you! This is spiritual warfare of the devil and his horde of demons, invisible, fallen angels! This is the culture of death! This is the great heresy where they say, ‘right is wrong,’ and ‘wrong is right;’ where there are no standards, where the ‘lie’ is taught and believed!”

“This is the destructive force that foists upon the young, ‘gender confusion,’ and where the sacred bond of marriage between a man and a women is turned upside down! An idea that seeks to make same seax marriage the ‘norm; that seeks to make transgender normal as well as homosexuality! Cleaver and devious are their ways, so devious as to name call anyone who does not agree, anyone who speaks up, by saying they are against their movement, hence, haters! And so rather than face an onslaught of criticism on the social media, they just shut up!” We shut up!”

‘When Christians have been labeled as a hateful, narrow-minded group and deplorable by some of our leaders and anti everything by the marchers (paid and organized?), where is the silent majority?” Where are we?”

“Now the good news. What if Jesus comes tomorrow? Are you ready? Have you been watching and waiting and occupying as He commanded? Do you believe He is coming back for you before He comes back to reign on the earth? Do you know the difference? Do you believe all the Bible has to say about prophecy as Daniel, Jesus, Paul and John so clearly told us? Do you believe all that Jesus said He is going to do as He promised? If not, what kind of a Christian are you?”

“Now hold on to your socks as I tell you whats gonna happen next in God’s prophetic calendar”

“One day soon, perhaps today? our Lord Jesus shall descend from Heaven above to the sky above the clouds. At this stupendous moment, He shall call the dead in Christ of the past twenty centuries of the Church Age, and right up too our own tome, to rise from their graves, to be resurrected and their souls put back in their bodies, and they shall be immortal and glorified just as Jesus was and is, and they shall all rise by the almighty power of God. And, at the same time, all those who are living and alive at that time, who believe in Christ shall be transformed, translated into glorious, immortal bodies, and together with the resurrected dead, shall rise, shall be “raptured” up into the clouds to meet the Lord Jesus in the air, above the clouds! Our great gathering together to the Lord just as He promised! It will be fulfilled just as God’s holy written word in the Bible tells us!”

“But wait!” There’s more! Once we all are gathered to Christ above the clouds, we shall then follow Him to Heaven to the Father…and thus shall we always be with the LORD!”

“God’s wrath, the Great Tribulation of seven years shall then take place as God pours out His wrath to an unbelieving, satanic world…a horrible time such as has never been before…something no Christian would ever want to be a part of. And won’t! Read the Scriptures and find out just how horrible this future period will be! It’s all right there in God’s holy, written word!” And read how Jesus will rescue us from this terrible time to come!” Only believe!”

“I end with praises and eternal thanksgiving to Almighty God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit for all He has done for us, and all he will do in the near future, I believe, for the time is short, and He will do what He said He will do. To God be the glory; and to the glory of His name, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior the soon and coming, King of kings, and Lord of lords, Messiah-the Christ, the ‘Alpha and Omega, forever…in the love of God,


Even so, Come, Lord Jesus.

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