What If?

Ever wonder why?

What if people asked the right questions?

What if COVID=19 is really a punishment from God?

What if God is trying to get our attention to turn to Him?

What if protestors were really turning on themselves?

What if history is history and you can’t change it?

What if thunder is really the voice of GOD from heaven, and lightening a small but powerful glimpse of His almighty power?

What if the Jews of the Exodus really did cross the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba to Midian to Mt Sinai in western Saudi Arabia?

What if there really is going to be a third Jewish Temple built in Jerusalem?

What if there is soon to be the Rapture of the Church?

What if the Antichrist signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel in the next 10-15 years?

What if that event unleashes the Tribulation of GOD’s judgment upon an unbelieving world for seven years?

What if the Holy Bible were really believed?

What if the Holy Bible really did tell mankind his future?

What if man really believed there really is a devil and he has a name and he is a fallen evil spirit?

What if man one day realized the source of lies and deception and addictions and hate and bloodshed?

What if there was a world-wide revival in Christianity?

What if leaders in churches spoke out against violence in all forms?

What if protestors had to pay for damages inflicted during civil protest?

What if tearing down statues was a crime?

What if race was a two way street?

What if government had vision and conviction and the will to really help our people?

What if there hasn’t been much change in the status of poor people in America?

What if people begin to arm themselves if the police forces are cut in manpower and mission?

What if you gave thanks to GOD in everything?

What if evolution is a lie?

Why isn’t higher education teaching the big picture?

Why can’t Christianity be taught in high school and colleges?

What can’t creationism be taught in all schools?

Why is there so much confusion in the world?

Are evil spirits real and what do they do?

What happens to captured drug money?

What if man realized he cannot solve the problems of the world?

Ever wonder why?

Jesus Christ is the only answer and one day He will reign on the earth as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for a thousand years on the throne of David in Jerusalem!

May GOD, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit touch your heart to believe unto eternal life with Him forever.

Jesus is Lord and Savior, Lord and God; in His Almighty, Creator name I pray,


P.S. What if the earth is only about 6,000 years old (from Creation to present day) instead of millions and millions of years old as falsely taught?

What if there really was a world-wide Flood and a real person named Noah and a great ship called the Ark?

What if fallen angels mated with human women and produced a wicked offspring before the Flood?

What if ancient civilizations worshipped demons as their gods?

What if the same thing is going on today?








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