Ascension Day

Extra, Extra…read all about it!

Years ago, in any American city, on the street corner where people were rushing to work, stood a paperboy with a stack of newspapers with the latest headlines! And in order to sell newspapers, he had to shout out with all his voice sensational news stories that usually captured their attention. So here goes.

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! Jesus of Nazareth Ascended today to heaven!.

Real eyewitnesses saw the whole event with their own eyes, and one of his followers, Peter, reported the story. Read all about it right here! Extra, extra.

They say this man, flesh and bone, Jesus, who just forty days ago was resurrected from the grave with a new, glorified body, they claim, walked through a bolted door and was among them in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, just like that!. They say He had a meal with them and before disappearing, told them He would meet them up in Galilee.

They say He and his disciples walked from Galilee back to Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives…

And as they arrived there on the 40th day, a most incredible thing happened! And you are not going to believE this but this man Jesus, as they were talking and looking at Jesus, why, suddenly He was taken up in the air and out of their sight as He disappeared in the clouds! Read all about it right here! They say He ascended into Heaven and is sitting at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty, who made the heaven and the earth! Whats more, He promised His disciples that because He would ascend, He would send God, the Comfortor, the Holy Spirit to be with them always!

Read all about it how, as they were looking up and trying to see Jesus above the clouds in the sky, two men appeared in radiant white clothes, who, they say, were either two angels or Elijah and Moses? They asked them why they were looking up to heaven? This same Jesus, they said, who you see going up into Heaven wile in the same manner come back as you have seen Him go!

Now this is a most holy day that ought to be proclaimed throughout Christendom that Jesus ascended up into Heaven…and He has made it possible for one day our resurrection from the dead and the translation and catching up to the air with the resurrected saints who have slept in Christ all there centuries, all of us who believe in Jesus Christ the Messiah, who shed His blood and died for out sins, and that, are you ready, by this very act of love the world cannot understand, He, Jesus Christ forgives our sins and we have eternal life with Him forever!

Extra, get your story right here!

This is the celebration and remembrance of the day Jesus ascended into Heaven. It is a most holy day, a very special day of days for in it Jesus set the pattern for our resurrection Rapture and eternal life when, perhaps soon, we shall follow Him to Heaven, and we shall be like Him for we shall see him as He is, face to face!

So look up all you saints of His and be glad, and watch, for your redemption draws near!

Ascension Day, in the Year of our Lord, Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Let us bless the Lord God Almighty in Christ Jesus for what He has done for us.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,


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