He Stood Up

And there had been prayer after prayer; and sermon after sermon about deliverance from the deadly, dreaded coronavirus plaguing our nation. And, after all was silent, one stood up in the midst of the congregation and boldly said:

In the dark, early morning hours of this day, I awoke from sleep to the sound of thunder and the crack of lightening and rain pelting the roof. Aa I peered out the window, all around as far as I could see was a brilliant light, lighting the darkness in intervals between great thunder and lightening from heaven. And I thought: was this the voice of Almighty God in Heaven, and was this majestic array of lightning a glimpse of His almighty power?

And then thoughts flooded my mind: was this indeed God speaking from heaven to command the virus to stop right there and go no further in this part of our state, our county, our town, and our home?

And was His powerful lightening His agent to sterilize and destroy this creature which was destroying His created ones?

With GOD, nothing is impossible. And I fell back to sleep.


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