Who’s Gonna Know?

Today, in this 18th year of the 21st Century in the Year of our Lord+ , few take time in their busy schedule to look into the things of the past, and into the things future which shall surely come to pass in the Lord Jesus Christ’s timetable of events of history that He has ordained to happen at an exact moment, at an exact time!

Since thousands of years ago, God spoke the Words He intended to have written for the sake of all mankind.  But who’s listening?  Who’s gonna know?  You don’t have to be a scholar to read, to understand the Holy Bible!  You just have to believe.  In this Book of books is everything you need to know about your origins, and God’s plan for your life, and what happens at death, and the meaning of ‘life after death.’

A man;s got to know the “big picture, and the score.”  He’s got to know where he’s going, and where, and when, and how!  And that door is found only, only, only in Jesus Christ, Messiah, the Son of God, the Lord and Savior who died on th cross for our sins, and the sins of the  whole world!   There is no other, period!

Sure, you can think the things said here away, out of your mind, because, you might say, “I’m too busy; got too much to do, too much to listen to; got to just enjoy life now because when I die, that’s it…that’s all she wrote in the last chapter of ‘What’s the Use?”

So hopefully I can put a thought in your mind rather than to listen to the negative noise of society, and the “whisperers” to lead you astray, rather the “Good News of the Gospels.”

To believe is to tell others about Jesus Christ and what He has done in your life and spread His love.  Shout the name of Jesus!  Proclaim Him.  Pray to Him.  Confess Him as Lord and Savior of your life and watch things change!  Invite Him in to your heart again and again and again.  Live in Him and through Him and by Him…you will then gain the forgive of sins and eternal life, and your life at that moment will be the better!

So, let me ask, “Who’s Gonna Know?”  YOU.

May God’s mercy be upon you and by His grace, bless you richly.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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