Brother Monk!  What’s about?

Father Monk, I have been studying the times we live in and other people and other religions.   And on this topic of late, my mind keeps coming back to Muslims and Islam.

In what sense?

Why, conquest and terror, the bane of our 21st Century!

When I think of terror atrocities of the last two-three decades and up to now, committed in countries all over the world, it is Muslims the facts point to who plan and carry-out these evil, horrific, murderous acts against the innocent, no matter men, women or children!  It is Muslims, regardless of country of origin who do this again, and again, and again, and will not stop!

You’ve done your homework, have you?

Yes, and they see it as their duty according to their religion and according to their holy book, the Koran, which commands them to do these things to please their god, Allah, and thus ever be abundantly rewarded in their heaven at death.  So it makes no difference if they blow themselves up, so long as they kill a lot of people in places which are crowded, because they are all about taking out large numbers of innocents to get world attention! And through their terroist acts, they hope to shock the public and put fear into the hearts and minds of the population!

They seek to gain converts and help bring about world domination of the Islamic faith, first by education; second by the sword by armed conquest!

History is repleat with solid facts-eyewitness accounts of Muslim conquest.  First, from out of Arabia in the 7th and 8th centuries, A.D., they conquered all of the Christian Holy Land and Middle East, and north into Persia, west across North Africa, and east to India! Great and ancient Christian centers were wiped out and churches became mosques. Populations conquered either converted or were killed or sold into slavery!  The great city of Constantinople became Istanbul under the Muslim Turks.

Then they got a foothold in Europe, in the southern part of Spain. and centuries later, as if two giant pincer movements would descend upon Europe, they first tried to conquer Europe through southern France at the city of Tours, but, thankfully, were defeated by Charles Martel, “The Hammer,” and his army!

But that did not stop them, for in the 17th century, the tried the right wing of the great pincer movement with Vienna, Austria as the goal of their conquest, then on to Rome! But, they were defeated at Vienna on SEPTEMBER 11, 1683 by the arriving army of the Polish king, Jan Sobieski!

And they made incursions into the Balkans and settled there, too!

Now look at September 11, 2001! Coincidence?

Today, although there is ISIS and their acclaim for Sharia Law, there is no large invading army as in former times. But there is still, nevertheless, an invading army bent on conquest OF THE WORLD, COUNTRY BY COUNTRY through conversion by education. And this is being done through immigration and refuges and the proliferation of mosques wherever they settle.

Don’t believe it?  Then just look at what is happenning in Western Europe today, and now America!  Just look and take note…open your eyes!  It is upon us, and there are no Charles Martel’s or Jan Sobieski’s in the field!  Why, just days ago a Muslim cleric in Arabia declared the destruction of all Christian churches! I have yet to hear even a whisper among the news or government agencies!  Most Christians don’t even know!

Then what of England, Brother Monk?

I fear England is blind and will not react until yet a greater atricity shall rock our native island!

But I put my trust in the Lord Jesus.  He will bring us through, and we shall defend the faith in His holy name.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,



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