Praise and Glory

To Him be the praise and glory forever! Ever notice one of the recurring themes in the Psalms of the Old Testament? That’s right. Give to the Lord God Almighty your best…give Him the praise and the glory that belongs to Him for all the mighty acts He has done from Creation and forward throughout history. Every morning, during the day, and when we go to sleep, we ought to be able to thank Him for our creation and preservation and guiding hand in our lives.

How many of His great acts can you name? Even if you can only think of the six days of Creation by His spoken word, even if, than that’s awesome baby!

Do you smile when you see a rainbow?  Do you thrill when you see the new flowers of spring and summer…how they seem to be spreading their beauty upward as if, with outstretched hands, they are praising GOD, they are giving Him the glory!  How much more so us?  You and I?  Every day, every day if our lives we should thank God for His goodness and blessings, and all things beautiful and lovely in the world. He showers upon us blessings, which, most of the time we don’t even know it, but there it is!  Every day, every day in our precious lives we should praise His holy, almighty name forever and ever!

To you, O GOD, Lord and Savior, to You only be all honor, and glory, and praise, and acclaim: the mighty, eternal God who is carrying out the Plan of the Ages in every century, even unto our time now today!

O Lord God, in whom we live, and move and have our being…who only forgives our sins, who saves us from the wrath to come, and who has planned for us who love Him, the unimaginable promises of eternal life with Him in Heaven, on earth in His Kingdom of a thousand years, then to the new heaven and earth, and the New Jerusalem which shall come down to the earth from God in heaven, and we immortal ones shall live there and in the Lord our God, in the Father, His Son, Jesus,  and also with the Holy Spirit, the  blessed Holy Trinity forever and ever…


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