What If?

How amazing and wonderful and awesome is the word of God! He has told us in His word everything we need to know and understand about life on earth. His story begins in the book of Genesis. It ends in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. What if people took it as it says and tried to get a grasp of its contents using the Messianic Jewish point of view and gaining an understanding of the Hebrew words?

What if people took the Bible literally, as it was meant to be taken, and realized and believed it was written by God, the Holy Spirit through men over a two thousand year period?

What if we understood when and how GOD created the heavens and earth “in the beginning”? and creation by His Spoken Word, “Let there be?” What if we didn’t try to put man-made theories in between paragraphs of the Scripture, fantastic ideas from the imagination of man?
What if we understood that God created everything in six regular 24 hour days, and thus time began? What would our world be like today?

What if we understood our very first parents were created by God, a man and a women named Adam and Eve? What if we understood and took to heart that they were in a paradise and had perfect bodies and could almost live forever by only obeying what God commanded? What if they had not disobeyed by listening to and following the Devil, who is real, instead of God? What if only they had listen and followed God, before sin set into they world, and with it blood, decay and death?

When that happened, evil and wickedness entered. Now there was killing and blood shed, and torment by the very creatures that were first harmless and lived in harmony with people who now populated the earth and began spreading out.

What if we really understood the power and influence and tactics against mankind by the great arch-enemy of God, Satan, the mighty Cherub, and the countless host of his fallen angels?

What if we truly understood what “the Seed of the Woman” meant way back in Genesis 3:15? And how Satan has throughout history tried and tried and tried to destroy it so that the future Savior of mankind would not come?

What if we understood Satan during the first millennium of human history, in his never ending attempt to destroy the “Seed line,” sent his angels to the earth to mate with women, and produced a countless offspring known as the “fallen ones,” who so tainted the human population of the world that there was only evil and wickedness and killing and blood sacrifice and every kind of immoral acts as one can imagine, that God had to destroy them?

What if you believed there really was a world-wide flood that covered the highest mountain tops, and that only eight souls were found righteous in the whole world, namely, a man of God named Noah, his wife, his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and their wives? And what if, as written in Genesis, God gave Noah the exact instructions to build a huge boat of three stories high, long and wide, plenty of storage, and enough food for them and all the animals called by God to be saved from the great flood in the Ark?

What if we understood the world is a young earth, not billions or millions of years old as the secular world would have it in their imaginative theories, rather than believing the word of God?

What is we took the years of mankind up to the Flood period as around 1,656? And that after almost a year and a half, the world was repopulated by all the creatures that were on the Ark and left the Ark from a mountain range in the eastern Turkey area? And what if we believed humanity started over again and that all the races of people began from the three sons of Noah? That then, indeed, we would not define race as skin color but of a people group either from Shem, Ham, or Japheth, and how languages, culture, tribes, areas, writings, and nations began? What then would our world be like today?

What if you knew that some 4,000 years would pass in history before God would send His Son, His only begotten Son, to become man, to be born of the virgin Mary, just as the Bible predicted?

What if you knew that the Son of God came as the King of the Jews, was rejected and died on a cross for the sins of the whole world? And what if you knew the truth of God’s great love for us showed: that believing in Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God, you would have eternal life with Him and the Father, and the Holy Spirit? Yes, what if?

What if you realized that the thunder and lightning was God’s booming, powerful voice, speaking in a thunderstorm?

What if people of the world knew GOD was not happy with the violence, greed, murder, rape, crime, idolatry-worshipping demons, false religions, abortion, unbelief, false ideas, not knowing the Truth, strange-unbiblical Christianity, heresies in the church, mocking or declaring a fable the prophetic, end-times WORD OF GOD as a roadmap for mankind’s destination?

What if people knew the key to salvation, with eternal life with GOD, THE HOLY TRINITY, FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT, THE LIVING AND ONLY TRUE GOD, that only in belief in Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God, the Messiah, the Christ, in his shed blood, death on a cross, burial, resurrection on the third day, and his ascension up into heaven can our sins be forgiven, that believers are saved from the wrath of God to come upon an unbelieving earth in those days, and that believers in Christ Jesus shall have eternal life with God forever. Would that make a difference in the way we live and treat each other?

What if we gave thanks each day to Almighty God through the Lord Jesus for His most wonderful, awesome creation, and all the wonderful blessings He has given us in this life?

What if more people really gave Him thanks for His mercy and grace, and awesome, incredible wonders and works at His mighty hand?

What if we gave God our hearts, our time, our mind and body, and prayed more, and meditated on His great love for us?

Ever wonder, “What If?”


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