The Wonders of GOD

One day in the near future, the whole world will see the Messiah Jesus. One day, the world will be in awe of Him. One day, the world shall bow their knees to Him and confess that He is the Messiah, the Savior, the Son God, Jesus of Nazareth! One day soon, the world will realize man’s futile attempt to explain away things only GOD could do, will finally admit the almighty power of GOD in all things. He will know that GOD created all things, and sustains all things by His WORD; that it is He, and only He that has planned out human history and our place in it. One day, mankind will come to know their eternal destiny-some to everlasting life with GOD, some to everlasting darkness and darkness away from GOD, in a place prepared by GOD for Satan-the Devil, his son, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet, both whom have not come yet, and the uncountable fallen angels who followed Lucifer at the Rebellion, the same Satan, the Great Red Dragon who deceived the whole world into worshipping pagan gods, who are not gods but demons, and the unbelieving unsaved of the past almost 60 centuries…all, shall be judged and cast into the Lake of Fire prepared by GOD for them! That is the future destiny of mankind after death…either with GOD, the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit by confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, or by denying HIM and following the things of the world! The Father calls men unto salvation, the Holy Spirit convicts as men receive, as they are able, at that very moment to bring the Lord Jesus into their heart. The One who died for the sins of the whole world, the Lamb of God is the One and only One who will judge and reward the believers, and judge and condemn the unbelievers. What you believe at the moment of death will determine your destiny for all eternity!

There are so many demonic, false religions today, even as in yesterday! So many people who put themselves as the masters of their fate, instead of trusting GOD. They see the things of this world as chance; that there was no Creator God; that we evolved from the mud where a random spark started cellular life, and millions of years later, presto! a man and a woman! Really? If one cannot see the wonders of GOD in the earth we live in, they are blind and fools! If one cannot see the way civilization has gone century by century, whereby the poor, the misery, the killing and bloodlust has far outweighed goodness and peace, they are fools! If anyone cannot see the way the world is headed today, then they too are fools, for they have never read and believed the prophetic word of God in His Holy Scriptures, the Holy Bible. They have believed and followed the lie!

GOD’S wonders are everywhere…look around. See the earth, the sun, the moon, and the never ending stars, never able to discover the end, certainly Heaven where GOD lives and all the heavenly host; the earth and all its systems that sustain life with life and water and sun and food…
The birth of a baby…the recovery from a serious disease or operation…the joy of family…the difference one makes in community…helping someone…being a good provider with the means that God has given you…and to be thankful in all things through Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, the author and finisher of our faith, our destiny, our God. The things He has planned for us are beyond our imagination, but no one, nothing can separate us from Him of those (billions and billions) who love Him and are His forever.

Read Job and begin to see God’s awesome power and why we cannot ask why or how…see a night full of stars…the blue sky and the wonderful colors and patterns of clouds… He who brings the rain…controls the sea and storms…the lightening and thunder…the seasons of the year…the very air we breath…it is all of GOD and from GOD..

Ask yourself, what makes sense? Why do you think you control your destiny…that you are doing and can do everything by yourself…that you have done a good job of putting up a crusty barrier to resist the Holy Spirit…and Jesus who is knocking at the door of your heart? What do you believe, and who do you believe?

Read Genesis, John, Colossians, Hebrews and the Revelation to understand the almighty, indescribable, unimaginable, incredible, awesome power of GOD…for in GOD, nothing is impossible. Think upon all He did for us when He left the Father in Spirit and came into the Seed of the Woman, and was born of the Virgin Mary over 2,000 years ago in the tiny obscure village of Bethlehem in Judea. The glorious impossible!

One day, in Christ’s Kingdom on earth, peace and justice and righteousness and joy shall be the norm as Jesus reigns as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…and all the earth shall be covered with the knowledge and glory of the Lord, the Son of God, the Lord and Savior…love will abound …one day!

Give Him the thanks and praise and glory…ask for the forgiveness of your sins…repent and turn to Him…He is your future…He is your destiny…He is your eternity.

O, Lord, our God, how wonderful are Your wonders for all to see and know…

In the name and glory of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost…Amen.

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