Advent Past, Advent Future

May I thank the Lord God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for all His blessings He has lovingly given us this past year, in the Year of out Lord, 2013.

Where does one start? Some say, ” Count your blessings everyday.” Go ahead, try. His blessings are uncountable. But the Lord GOD knows for sure, for from Him they flow like rain. They are all blessings from haven above.

But the greatest, most wonderful, most glorious, most awesome, indeed, most miraculous blessing to the whole world occured about 2,020 years ago in Judea, in Bethlehem, in a lowly stable, in a manger, where God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity came to earth, and was born man of the blessed Virgin Mary “in the fullness of time.’  This greatest  event of all history was the fulfillment of the prophecies of Sacred Scripture where the prophets wrote of the first coming of God’s Messiah, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. 

For all that Christ did for us, and will do for us who blieve, is there not one among us, during the holy weeks of the season of Advent to Christmas Eve and Christmas day, whose heart grew warmer as thoughts drifted more to Him? Who could not be moved to tears when Silent Night, Holy Night was sung in the church or home? Who is not more joyful and thankful during the Christmas season as we remember and celebrate the birth of our Lord? Yes, and let this most blessed event and life be ingrained in our soul, and heart and mind all year as we ever walk in His light.

Let us then thank Almighty GOD for his wonderful creation of all things, visible and invisible. Let us thank Him for our life and family and friends, and for being born during this time in His story. Give thanks for His choosing a holy people unto Himself, and for the forgiveness of sins unto eternal life with Him.  Let us also look forward for the coming day of the resurrection of His saints of the church when He shall come for us and bring us up in immortal bodies to be with Him in heaven.

Let us give praise to Him when He shall return in great glory and power (and us with with Him) and set up the Kingdom of God on earth, and reign as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, as written in Holy Scripture, and awaits a future fulfillment…(perhaps soon? Only God the Father knows the time and day).   

Looking back on 2013, it has been a fast year! Lot’s happening in the world, and technology seems out of control. People are people and will continue to do on their own the same things they have been doing for thousands of years. The world is not getting better. Mankind is not getting better. Yet, amid the darkness there are shinning lights. God always has His remnant.

I am eternally thankful for my family and friends and students; for this life the Lord has given me; for bringing me through all my hurts over the years; for His forgiveness of my sins and faults, and giving me a new heart, and new life in His grace and mercy. I am ever thankful for my new ministry. He has blessed me by ordaining me a priest in the Anglican Church of the Order of St. Alcuin. What more could a man ask? 

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, say the name of Jesus in all you do, and in all places, especially now in this day and age, for evil forces lurk about influencing our country’s leaders to forbid mention of Jesus’ name in prayer or other thing in any government functions, beginning with the military! Even our colleges and universities have taken to nondescript prayers that could be to any “god.” Did you hear the prayer the Roman Catholic priest said before the recent Army-Navy game? Christ’s name was not said. Why? Because official policy is not to offend Muslims or Jews by saying the name “Jesus.”  I digress. 

The First Advent is past; the Second Advent is still to come.  Christ told John of these events yet to come in the Book of Revelation. Wonder who is behind the Church not allowing the book to be read? Or disavowing it? I wonder. What about you? 

To my enemies who have hurt me, I forgive; to those I have hurt, forgive me.

With this year now past into history, let us look to another new year the Lord God has given us; and with grateful hearts, let us look upward and give Him our eternal thanks and praise. Blessed be the name of the Lord, our God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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