To Know the Truth

Brother Monk, you have been pacing the halls in a fit of agitation!  What gives?

Alas, Father Monk, the more I study about GOD, the Holy Trinity, the more I try to arrange a series of Scripture studies for my brothers, the more I pray with my whole heart and mind, why, the more I am diverted with the things of this evil world!  It is as if ‘someone’ or ‘something’ is whispering wicked things in my ear! 

My dear Brother Monk.  You know the power and deception of the Enemy, that powerful cherub, who, with his uncountable demons fills the air with all manner of evil and wickedness that is always, always against the things of GOD, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is the age-old battle for the souls of men; it is the spiritual warfare, the things we battle, invisible and in high places.  And men and women become “pawns” of this power and are used, usually unknowingly, to subvert the very foundation of the Church!

But what set you on edge these past days?

Then I curse them forever.

Father Monk, the world, through the medium of television has in its ads and programs, even programs for children, bad things to be “good,” and “good” things-wholesome things, Godly things, to be bad!  And the telling of “lies” over and over again, day and night, in many forms and disguises, to become believable as it were the truth!  And the people believe the lie as truth!  

Having visited my grandson in the city a week ago, and while half asleep on the couch, I saw on the MTV channel a most disturbing thing, something that is shown to children: animated models of people being chopped in half, with blood and guts and brain spilling everywhere, like a clay model, but, nevertheless, the image is most disturbing, demonic in nature, death, killing, mutilation, blood!  All directed at the children! And, as if that were not enough, the showing of a wicked, hideous look of glee on the faces of the models,, and looking over to a manifested spirit of death they are following, the “demon” evil spirit they are following  goes to a house, and in the corner, a young mother clutching her baby, is killed by the “demon” and then, becoming a ferocious wolf, devours the baby and leaves the house!  This is what is on MTV!  This is what our children see! 

How, in God’ s name is this allowed? tolerated?  And who is responsible?  Who are the “adults” who make this kind of evil? Do they realize what they are doing?  Is there anyone else who cares about these things?

There is more.  These video-electronic games kids are playing hours on end: exploding bodies being shot in army games, gangsters, auto theft, and on and on and on!  How come Satan is getting all the ink?  How come we are not smart enough to cut into his programs that keep the young away from God? 

Then we have the happy, frenzied, sick cultures who, in the name of their religion, bomb buses and building and public events.  It is a war and we are at war, whether we realize it or not!  it’s about a way of life, beliefs, faith, different religions.

Your religion, your faith, my son, is as the catholic, universal  church has always taught and believed: that God, the Father, gave His only begotten Son, to die for our sins, and thereby give us eternal life with Him: that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.  That is Who and what we worship, my son, and, with that eternal foundation, you can pray this in the name of Jesus, that the Holy Spirit will be the great buffer against the evil and wickedness and sin that is so great in its hold on the world.

I am angry, Father Monk!

Yes, but let it not consume you, but overcome it with prayer, fervent, heartfelt, with much tears, and God will hear you, my son.

We shall counter this trend with Godly education…we must, or we shall be those with nothing to say, a people just floating about as leaves in a pond.

But you, Brother Monk, must continue to write your thoughts to a cold and dying world.  Perhaps there will be some to listen.  Perhaps.

Now go and write and send your messages out in a bottle, out into the sea.  Somewhere someone will find it.

The Lord God directs all.  It is as it is written.  And so shall it be until that day.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  Amen.   


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