But They Will Not Believe

   It is a stormy, cold night on the island.  I have never seen lightning bolts flashing across the dark sky so near us, as tonight!  And I have never before heard thunder so loud and so close, so very close, that it shook my cell and my bed!  I pulled the covers tightly over my head, trying to go back to sleep, but was now too restless.  And then I heard it: a voice in my head, saying, “You must go to Rome with Father Monk.  You must go at once before a new pope is elected.  You shall be representatives of the faith that came from the Roman Church.  I will tell you what to say when you get there.  You must tell them as My beloved John tried to tell them, “but they will not believe!”

And so they arrived in Rome.  And on the first day of the cardinals’ election process for a new pope, Brother Monk was in a room where a microphone was connected to speakers that would enable the thousands and thousands assembled there from all over the world to hear messages as to the progress being made.

And then a voice said unto him, “I am Jesus.  Speak now unto the people here assembled the words I give you.”

“Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, our Lord, hear the words I speak.  And shall you believe? 

I preached unto my people when I was here the first time, the Kingdom of God, but they would not hear.  They rejected Me!  To my beloved Apostle John, I gave unto him the last words of My book, for the seven churches in Asia, and even beyond unto the very corners of the earth, My earth, which I created, the last “things which are to come.”  They believed for a time, but as the centuries past by, wickedness crept into My Church, and the very words of last book unto you, were explained away so as to take them as a myth.  And so, even now, most of My people ignore or do not believe the words of the ‘last days’ John wrote unto you-even your popes!  For it is man who errs, not God.

By this time the police and keepers of the house could not enter the room from which Brother Monk preached.  No one could silence the voice that flooded the square.  All were silent as the throngs of people assembled there listened reverently to the words he spoke.  They perceived these were not ordinary words from an ordinary man.  No, they believed something very special was happening from God.

The time is almost near when the things prophesied for the future shall be accomplished.  You know them from my last book John wrote unto you, even as all Scripture must be fulfilled about Me.  I am He, Jesus, in heaven with the Father, but soon, very soon, I will come again back to earth to reign: for I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, your Christ, the Messiah!

But before I come back in the clouds with the radiance of the Sun, with great power and glory, I must first accomplish something very great my Apostle Paul often spoke about to his churches: the first resurrection after Me.

“For I shall come out of heaven with the arch-angel, and with a great shout, and the great blast of the trumpets, and all over the world, at the same time, and from the time of the beginning of My church, the dead in Christ Jesus shall rise from the grave; then all who are alive at that very moment, those who are alive in Christ Jesus shall be changed into immortal, glorious, imperishable bodies like those just resurrected, like even unto Christ, translated in the ‘twinkling of an eye,’ and together, in the greatest assembly of the Lord that ever there was to behold, you shall be gathered unto Me in the sky, above the clouds, and follow Me up to heaven unto the Holy Father.  

And so, dear ones of Mine, shall you forever be with the Lord! 

You shall not, not even one of you be part of the following seven years of judgement that shall be upon my people Israel, and even the whole unbelieving world!  No, not one!   

If you would only believe what John wrote in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, you too can know your future, and the future events which shall come upon the whole world, and, as I desire, teach others, especially My chosen ones, the Jewish people, for they are still Mine, and always will be.  You have not replaced them, but are grafted into them, blind yet as they are.  But, like you today, shall  they believe?

And when the prophecy of Daniel’s last Seven Years has expired, then I shall come out of heaven with my saints and angels to the earth, when the desperate call of My believing Remnant shall come to My ears…and then, and only then will I return, and my kingdom shall then begin. 

You are My witnesses; My testimony unto all the world.  You spread the seed of My Holy Gospel.  Do not be ‘slow of heart to believe all that was written of Me.’ Do not be like My two disciples who walked on the Road to Emmaus after My crucifixion, fools, because they did not believe all Moses wrote of Me!  

Thus I have spoken through My servant, and you have heard.

These words shall not pass away but are settled forever in Heaven.  These are My true words.  Shall you believe?

But you will not believe.”

 And when all these words were spoken, the police burst into the room and arrested Brother Monk.  There were no charges, but they had to depart Rome first thing in the morning.  And they arrived back to their island, and Father Monk did not speak, but smiled the whole trip home.




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