The Great Alligator

   It is one of the greatest blessings God has given us.  He loved us so much that He wanted to leave us His Story.  And so, over the course of thousands of years, using different men in different places, He caused His spoken word to be written down in “books” so that we and our children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, ad infinitum, might have the story of how it all begin, Who began it, and where it’s  all heading.  This greatest blessing is called “The Holy Bible.”  It is the greatest book ever written; the Book that has outsold all other books in history!  It is indestructible.  It is timeless.  It’s words are forever settled in heaven.  It means what it says, and says what it means. It’s words can’t be twisted or interpreted for a meaning that simply is not there (a method of interpretation know as an “allegory,” or allegorical interpretation that crept into the Church during the 2nd-4th centuries).  Scripture has only one plain, simple, clear, correct meaning, but can have many applications.  Sadly, it is Genesis and biblical prophecy that is the primary target of this false interpretation.  And just as sad, it is man, Christian men, scholars, ordained and lay, who have bought into this error, and tried (and hold ferociously to their imagined meaning) to interpret and thus give false meaning to different parts of the Holy Bible.  And this they teach!

The two books of the Holy Bible attacked and misinterpreted the most are the two very anchors and pillars books themselves: Genesis and The Revelation! And here’s where the “great alligator,” “Mr. Allegory,” comes into the picture. 

When the Church first came into existence on day of Pentecost in  33 A.D. in Jerusalem, the only Bible they had was the Hebrew Old Testament.  From a child, they read their Bible literally: Creation was creation-the very beginning of all things.  Adam and Eve were the very first adult human beings created on His earth.  Noah and his three sons built a huge Ark as instructed by God to save them and the animals from the great flood that would cover the whole earth!  There really was a unicorn, and dinosaurs, and a Tower of Babel.  There really was a giant named Goliath, who was killed by a little shepherd boy named David. These were stories of real people and real events that happened long, long ago.

The books written after the time of Jesus became the New Testament, and, together with the Old Testament, over time became the Holy Bible of the Christian Church.

Yet today, as in years past, one still hears the famous, but silly words of well know personalities who have a national forum, words spoken against the wonderful and timely television series “The Bible,” that just won’t go away just like the bit of an alligator: “After all, everybody  knows that Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark is just an allegory!”  Right?  Wrong!  As if this stupid remark means that all people believe that way?  Nonsense.  Just where did this robbing the meaning of Scripture come in? Better yet, who were the “Allegorists” who undermined the normal interpretation of Scripture, as they passed on ‘the alligator’s’  bite to others?  

Stay tuned.

Blessed are those who believe all the written word of GOD as it is written.  May it always be so.  Amen.

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