The Future

It is the wee hours of the morning.

The wind has been assaulting the tiny island and rain is coming down hard!

Brother Monk is jolted awake by a crash of thunder and spectacular lightning.  He runs to the porch and in a matter of seconds is soaked to the bone!  I hear your thundering voice, LORD.  You want to get our attention, Lord, but I fear no one is listening.  Can they not see the mighty display of your awesome power in the flashes of lightning?  Lord? 

Brother Monk, a voice calls out.  A blanket is wrapped around him and hot tea is brewed.

Everyone is up and about now, most huddled around him to hear his explanation.

My son, Father monk says in a gentle voice. He says not another word; his eyes ask the question.  

I was restless, Father, and then I heard the thunder and lightning as if calling me…and so out I went!

I sensed God was telling me we can know our future, and that we ought to live our lives in eager expectation, awaiting all the good things He has promised to those who love Him.  And so I listened, standing there, just looking up and beholding His power.  It was as if the storm was speaking to me, only me, the one out there, the only one out there in the darkness, oblivious to the rain.  And I felt  something come over me, feeling closer to Him now, listening, looking up. 

A voice inside me said one day soon we shall all be changed and be like Him and be with Him…someday.

For all Scripture must be fulfilled.

The voice said over and over that His word is truth and settled in heaven forever.  There was an aching and sadness in the voice, the gentle voice within that said, you cannot neglect my words I put in My Bible to my beloved John; it saddens Me to see what man is doing today. My words of the revelation tell of the things to come in heaven and on earth, for all are Mine.  Yet they are mostly ignored!  I have written that they who read and believe and hold tightly to my words of the last book, shall be richly blessed and receive a crown from Me at the last.  My words of the revelation are about Me, the Messiah, the Christ who is to soon come as the reigning King, for so it is written, and so it shall come to pass. 

In My revelation the things that shall come are unveiled!  In them you shall know the future of My believers, and the future all the ungodly unbelievers, past, present, future.  You shall know the demise of Satan, and his fallen angels-demonic beings-the final death knell of all evil and wickedness in the world.  You shall learn of My kingdom to come, the final judgment of all unbelievers and the fallen angels.  And then, eternity-the new heaven and the new earth, and the New Jerusalem which shall come down from heaven,  And so shall you and all believers in Me ever be with the LORD your God, forever and ever.  Can they not hear My voice?  

As I sat in the muted candlelight by the fire-place, my brothers all around me, I was warmed to my soul. 

Write, Brother Monk, said the Father. Write so they may know the rest of the story. 

That would come.  For now, fresh, dry cloths, and sleep.

The door to his cell was closed and Monk was asleep.

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