A Journey Of Discovery

I am most blessed among men for having learned from great teachers things that have been lost to the world today, and that these things, once discovered, light up the very heart and soul of a believer. 

I propose, Lord willing, to teach through writing, things I have learned and want to share with you, dear reader.  And so, over the next couple of weeks I will try and get the word out in as simple and as humble a way that I can, teaching the truth as I have been given to see the truth, without debate or embroiled discussions.  I teach what I believe, nothing more, nothing less.  

Come with me on a journey of discovering the truth.

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1 Response to A Journey Of Discovery

  1. Looks great! Love your header, can’t wait to see what you have to share with the world. I know you have a lot of good and needful insights you have gleaned over the years that we need to reap so start filling our baskets.
    The Scarlet Worm

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